fee rules

The school fees are collected in advance for the period of three months (Quarterly) at a time as follow:

April- June to be deposited by the 10th of April.
July – Sep ,, ,, ,, ,, 10th of July
Oct –Dec ,, ,, ,, ,, 10th of October.
Jan – March ,, ,, ,, 10th of January.
2. If the 10th happens to be a school holiday, fees will be accepted on the next working day.
3 .Annual changes are required to be paid on April along with the fees the period April –June.
4.If the parents fail to deposit the fees by the due date ,from11yh to 20th of the concerned month, late payment charge of Rs.50/-will be charged and from 21th to 30th /31st a late payment of Rs.100/- will be charged. If the fees are not paid by the end of the concerned month, the name of the defaulter shall be struck off the rolls. In such cases parents have to pay full admission fee as re-admission fee.
5. (a)Parents can pay fee either in cash or by cheques. Cheques are to be drawn in favour of Jagran Education Society along with duly filled pay- in- slip .A seprate cheque is to be filledfor each child. Parents are advise to ensure that the name ,the class and the admission number of their ward neatly written on the back of the cheque .Out-station and post dated cheques are not accepted. Should a cheque be dishonoured on any account, they will then have to be paid in cash along with the late payment fee wherever applicable along with cheque return of rs.200.00 at the school fee counter between 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.
(b) The school will not accept the fee cheque from parents whose cheques in the past have been returned by the bank for any reason. They will have to pay the school fees in cash only.
(c) No tuition fees or bus fees will be refunded by the school authorities even if a student attends class for one day and is subsequently withdrawn from the school.
6 .If the fees deposit booklet is lost, a fresh booklet can be obtained from the school office on payment of Rs.50.00

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