Transportation Rules

1. GPS provides bus service that runs on various routes for all students. Students are picked up between approximately 6:30 am to 8.00 am and taken to drop-off points at the end of the school day. Pick-up/drop-off points are selected by balancing these competing interests.
2. Nearly all students take school transport to and from school. A student who uses the school’s transport will only be allowed to ride on her/his own bus and to get off at her/his own stop. Any change in their current bus stops will have to be contacted in the school Administrator, so that she/he can look into the matter. Special requests at the last minute to change buses will not be accommodated, unless communicated in advance and only, if seats are available on that bus. Students are expected to sit in their seats and not disturb others on the bus.
3. Suspension from using school transport will be enforced in any of the following situations: -
❖Use of inappropriate language
❖Inappropriate behavior while in the bus
❖ Disrespect to the monitors/drivers
First Offence: A warning letter to parents
Second Offence: One day suspension off the bus
Third Offence: One week suspension off the bus
4. More than 3: No school transport allowed for the rest of the academic year.
5.Each bus has a bus monitor. Students are expected to follow the instructions of the bus monitors and drivers.
6.Any special requests regarding transportation should be addressed to the Administration Officer.

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